FreeBSD 11

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note:tested on 64bit release with voipmonitor 23.7 sources with freebsd 11.1 and 11.2 and built with clang

Install packages

pkg install git libpcap libogg libvorbis unixODBC mysql57-client gmake wget snappy harfbuzz-icu fftw3 json-c rrdtool lzo2 gnutls libgcrypt libssh gccmakedep pkgconf libdbi bash

For FreeBSD 11.1 you need to install clang6 and set CXX in Makefile (after configure)

pkg install llvm60

Download configure and build voipmonitor

git clone -b master
git clone -b develop

cd sniffer

  • Startup script and other settings you can use from FreeBSD101.