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 exec("mysql -h MYSQLIP -u MYSQLUSER -pPASSWORD -e 'select id_sensor,host from voipmonitor.sensors\G'",$out,$rc);

if($rc) $notify[]="No connection to DB"; $notify=false; $sensors=array();

  1. get id_sensor as a key, host,port into subfield - dirtyway

foreach ($out as $key => $line) {

 if ($line[0]=="*") continue;
 if (strpos($line,"id_sensor") === FALSE) continue;
 $tempid=explode (":",$line,2);
 $temphost=explode (":",$out[$key+1],2);


  1. get config from each host using ssh

foreach ($sensors as $id=>$sensor) {

 if (!file_exists($destdir)) mkdir($destdir, 0777, true);
 exec("scp voipmonitor@".$sensor['host']."://etc/voipmonitor.conf $destdir",$out,$rc);
 if($rc) $notify[]='Cannot ssh to'.$sensor['host'];


  1. backup database tables

$destdir="$backupfolder/mysql-config"; if (!file_exists($destdir)) mkdir($destdir, 0777, true); exec ("php /var/www/html/php/run.php backupGuiTables -t config -f $destdir/",$out,$rc) if($rc) $notify[]='Cannot backup mysql config tables';

  1. If silence not set print errors

if($notify&&!$silence) print_r($notify);