How to backup settings of users and data of GUI by cron

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The goal is to have config of users and GUI backuped (not contain CDR data) each day.

following example script /root/ will create 3 files per day in /root/guiconfigs (dir needs to exists)

day=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
php /var/www/html/php/run.php backupGuiTables -t config -f $filecfgt
php /var/www/html/php/run.php backupGuiTables -t data -f $filedata
php /var/www/html/php/run.php backupGuiConfigurationFiles -f $filecfgf

and into /etc/crontab set to start the script at 3:30 daily (nighttime when load is low)

30 3 * * * root /root/

Then reload cron daemon settings to accept new line:

kill - HUP `pgrep cron`

Beware that script jsut do the backups - you need to clean old configs yourself or extend the script.